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Taxation Depreciation for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties is a taxation benefit provided by the Australian Taxation Office for investors to claim various parts of buildings and site improvements of Plant, Equipment, Furniture and Machinery and Capital Works as a deduction against their assessable income achieving considerable saving in taxation payable.


Although accountants, real estate agents, valuers, solicitors and other professionals can offer services and advice around aspects of tax depreciation, construction costs and property depreciation, they do not have the technical qualifications, expertise and accreditation to assess building and construction cost associated with Taxation Depreciation.


Only qualified Quantity Surveyors who registered with the Building Commission and registered with the Australian Taxation Office are authorised to provide figures upon which to base a property Tax Depreciation Schedules.

Tax Depreciation

Taxation Depreciation unleashes the hidden cash in your investment property to your taxation advantage.


Average residential investment property claim deductions $5,000 - $10,000 first full years.


• We prepare 40 year Taxation Depreciation Schedules.

• All our staff are fully qualified and accredited professionals.

• We work hand in hand with your accountant to maximise your Taxation Return

• Missed claiming previous years - adjust your Tax Return for the previous 2 years

• New and Old properties benefit from Taxation Depreciation.

• If we cannot find sufficient deduction in your investment property, we reduce our fees accordingly.

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Excellence in "Investment Property" Professional Services and Advice