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In the mid 1970’s, the Principal of this organisation, together with officers of the Australian Taxation Office to setup the procedures for Taxation Depreciation as well as the basis for the legislation associated with Taxation Depreciation.


Ever since, we have been working hand-in-hand with property developers, builders and property investors and their respective accountants to maximise their taxation benefits


The Principals of this organisation owns several residential Investment properties and knows how to assist you to maximise these benefits.


Examples of our experience

Our Experience:

Developers, Accountants, Property Investors & Body Corporate Managers

  • All site inspections, calculations and report preparations for all our projects are undertaken by fully qualified professionals. We do not use unqualified personnel in any phase of our assignments, ensuring you are getting value for money for your project.

  • Taxation Depreciation of Investment Properties considerably reduces your assessable  income taxation.

  • Taxation Depreciation deductions  on a new  Residential investment properties can be in the order of  $15,000 to $8,000 per annum in the early years and progressively diminishes          gradually over the years.  

  • In Commercial and Industrial properties depreciation can be quite considerable, dependent upon:




  • We understand the financial benefits and pitfalls encountered by Property Investors; as such we are in a unique position to assist your accountant to improve your financial position.

  • We report on both Diminishing Value and Prime Cost Methods of depreciation

  • Refer to our Property Insurance Valuation brochure or our Website reference to the  Australian Taxation Office Ruling TR97/25



Why use our services:

Property Types:

Residential:  Homes, Apartment & Unit Complexes


Industrial:     Factories & Warehouses


Commercial: Retail Premises, Sales Offices & Show Rooms


  • the level of  plant, equipment, fitting, fixtures, fit-out, features and

  • other site improvements and the

  • type of processes undertaken within the premises.