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Australian Property Insurance Valuations

Avoid being the Co-Insurer - Why be financially expose by being under-insured and becoming the co-insurer     OR   paying excessive premiums by being over-insured

Why use our services:

Building and Property related


Legislatively recogonised and


Registered professionals to undertake Insurance Valuations of Buildings and Site Improvements.

Quantity Surveyors are the only:

It is mandatory that a person providing building cost  advice, such as Insurance  Valuations, be Registered as a Building Practitioner with the Victorian Building Commission


As part of this Registration, the Registered person is required to be a member of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors as well as have the


Professional Indemnity Insurance to a prescribe level.

Mandatory Requirements:

All site inspections, calculations and report preparations for all our projects are undertaken by fully qualified professionals.


We do not use unqualified personnel in any phase of our assignments, ensuring you are getting value for your project.

Australian Taxation Office Ruling TR97/25


“as amended” states:


It is not always possible for the purchaser of a building to establish the actual cost of the building, …In those circumstances, we accept a building cost estimate by an appropriately qualified person.


We consider that an appropriately qualified person has expertise in the calculation of building construction costs and is likely to be accepted by a court or tribunal as an expert witness on the issue of calculating the cost of construction of the particular building.


Unless they are otherwise qualified:


Valuers,  Real Estate Agents,  Accountants and  Solicitors etc.


generally have neither the relevant qualifications nor experience to make such an estimate.




Appropriately qualified people include a Quantity Surveyor, who has expertise in the relevant type of  construction."

Please note the following determination regarding qualifications: